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Universal’s ReproMAX DFS Online Planroom can save you money on your printing, help you complete projects faster and reduce the risk of mistakes. Get 24/7 Access to View and Order, or Distribute B/W or color documents, archive issue sets, know who has current documents. Let us organize, index and post your plans, specifications other project documents. With ReproMAX DFS’ complete invitation to bid and notification system, you can quickly create and send custom notifications to any of your contacts via email. Send invitations to bid, notifications of new addenda, contractor qualification statements, and more. You determine the content, they receive and respond to the notification. Manage all of your notifications through the online project document portal.

What are the benefits of using ReproMAX DFS?

Reduce Mistakes: Always know which document is current.
You and the project team members will always know which document is the most current with ReproMAX DFS’ version control. Regardless of what issue the drawings were released, the "Current Set” folder contains the most current set of plans. They are also broken down by discipline so you can get the "Current Architectural Set” and so on.

If you need a specific issue set, you can go to that specific folder. Old versions of documents are clearly indicated with a red dot.

Distribute bids sets quickly and accurately to get the best bids.

Send out more bids sets with ReproMAX DFS’ invitation to bid system. Get a jump on the competition by lowering the costs of sending out bids and increasing the number of bidders. Contractors will receive an invitation to bid via email or fax and can go to the online project document portal to view, order, instant print documents, and create online takeoffs. Click the links above to get started!