Scanning Special


Throwback Scanning Special!

$89 per Project

Up to 100 sheets (30" x 42" Max)

Includes CD or link to download

                  Back in the 90’s we had a special to scan a project...
                                       It's Here AGAIN!!!

                      (Maximum 100 sheets, up to 30”x42” B/W) for $89.
                  No file renaming or special indexing, just scanning for archiving to a CD.
   Does that sound good to you? Think of all the space you can have back in your office.

       Click below to order... be sure to mention "Internet Scanning Special”

Unorganized stacks of papers and manilla folders

Do these look like your Files?

Small format document scanning can be done for $89 a box (Standard Paper box 11”x17”).
Scan to PDF for archive only! (no bookmarks or special indexing)
Staples not replaced-must be machine feedable.

Do you still have rolls of "OLD" blueprints?

Want to create a new revenue stream?  Why not offer those old...hardcopy...projects in digital form to your clients?
Our flat rate for a project up to 100 sheets is only $89 is a real deal.
Clear out your files and storage areas.

Data orgainzed neatly on CD ROM

Take that and turn it in to This!!!

You can have one project per CD or multiple projects on a CD/DVD or any portable storage device.
Need scans as soon as we are done scanning?  We can send you an email notification with a link to your files. Clicking on the link begins the dowload process.